Destination Repayment: Which Road Will You Take?

At MOHELA, we know it can be tough to juggle all of your bills, as hard as you try. We can help find a path that fits your unique journey to paying off your student loans. If you are trying to manage your student loan payments and are looking for help, you have options. This video provides a quick overview of the other types of plans that you may qualify for.

Visit to learn about additional eligibility requirements for each plan. Login to and click on “Lower Your Payments” on the left hand column for more details about plans for which you may qualify. If your circumstances don’t fit the repayment plans we’ve discussed in this video, we encourage you to call us at 888-866-4352 to discuss other options we may be able to offer you. You don’t have to face the road ahead alone. Let us help you find a smoother path on your journey through repayment.