Family Budgeting: Don’t Let Your Budget Wilt In the Summer Heat

Piggy bank on beachIf you’re like us, you are excitedly planning your summer activities and trips. But don’t let the summer sunshine wilt your budget. Here are some tips to make sure you stay on track:

1) Set a realistic budget for the summertime. Anticipate which trips and activities your family plans to do, and calculate your costs for gas, hotels, food, shopping and excursions.

2) Take advantage of travel specials for airfare, hotel rooms and rental cars on sites you trust, such as and Travelocity. Book reservations early.

3) If possible, avoid travelling during peak days and times (peak usually means more expensive). Peak days are Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

4) Do your research to find out what activities are available in the location you plan to visit. Better yet, find out from the local visitor’s bureau what they recommend doing while enjoying their location on a budget.

5) If you have examined your budget and travel isn’t in the cards this summer, find inexpensive and fun things to do this summer where you live. Explore the local parks, camp out in your backyard, see new exhibits at your art or history museum, or create a round-robin BBQ group and try out your friends’ best recipes. Take “Day-trips” to neighboring locales.

Regardless of your plans this summer, your budget can thrive with a touch of creativity and a healthy dose of research.

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